Tangled Feelings – Emotional Literacy Resource for Anger, Grief and More!

Feeling tangled or mixed up? Not sure which emotion to tackle first? Tangled Feelings is an emotional literacy resource to help children assess and communicate emotions, whilst feeling the benefits of some calm colouring.

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Resource Info

Is your child or teen experiencing regular outbursts or having trouble regulating their emotions? This resource can help - especially if they are feeling lots of different feelings all at once and you're not sure which emotion to tackle and help to regulate first.

Emotions such as anger, frustration or grief are often made up of many different emotions. This resource helps children and young people to identify which emotions they are experiencing, helping them to manage, regulate and move on.

This printable emotional literacy activity is perfect for all ages. We've also included space to write your own emotions in case the one's we've covered aren't enough.

Perfect for classrooms, homes, therapy sessions, mindful moments and so much more. Help children, teens and young adults debrief, feel calm and express their emotions on paper.

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