School Transition Toolkit

Our School Transition Toolkit is full of fun activities to help children feel prepared and confident about moving up to secondary school.

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Resource Info

Looking for school transition resources for your year 6 class or is your child about to take the leap to secondary school? Our School Transition Toolkit is full of fun activities to help children feel prepared and confident about this next chapter in their lives.

Our School Transition Toolkit is designed to support children as they embark on their journey from primary school to secondary school. Featuring 21 invaluable resources and engaging activities, our transition toolkit isn't just for the transition to a new school, but also includes lots of activities to help children process and reflect on their current year.

About this resource:

Moving up to secondary school can be an exciting yet daunting time for children. Our School Transition Toolkit has been created to address their specific needs during this time, with each activity designed to target key areas. From reflecting on their time at primary school to navigating new pressures and building new friendships, our school transition activities will help your child feel confident and prepared about moving up.

• Find out about their new school and help children feel excited and prepared

Our school transition worksheets encourage your children to explore their new school - what is their new journey like? What will they learn? Will they join any clubs? What rules do they think their new school has? What will their uniform look like? Perhaps they can ask siblings or family members who may already attend to help them, or maybe they could browse the school's website to find out more? Helping children know what to expect on their first day can help them feel calm and confident.

• Help children reflect on their primary school experience

Our resources can help your children to reflect on their happy memories and write down the things they wish to remember, such as in our Memory Jar activity. Think of the memory jar like a time capsule that will keep those memories safe forever! Our End of Year Interview also helps children to process their final year, helping them to self reflect and feel ready to move on.

• Explore emotions and worries

Going to secondary school can come with many mixed emotions and some fears and worries too. Your child may feel excited about this new chapter in their lives, perhaps it comes with more independence and responsibility - but they may also feel worried, scared or apprehensive. We have created activities to help children write down and release their thoughts and worries and communicate any emotions they may be feeling about this new chapter in their lives.

• Prepare for new pressures

Secondary school comes with lots of new pressures - peer pressure, making friends and school work can all have an impact on our mental health. Our school transition activities can help your child to know just what to do when they are faced with these new pressures and feel confident in exploring new friendships.

• Look forward to the future

Let's not forget that this is an exciting step and there is lots to look forward to! Help children to think positively about their new school and create new goals. Perhaps your child's new school comes with a club they've always wanted to join or a subject they've always wanted to learn, help them realise what amazing things are coming their way.

Ready to download out School Transition Toolkit and help your child feel confident and ready to start secondary school? Download it now!