My Coping Balloon

Encourage your child to come up with their own coping statement in their coping balloon.

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Resource Info

Ask your child to come up with their own coping statement and decorate their coping balloon!

Coping statements can work to put a quick stop to spiralling thoughts that lead to anxiety, by replacing those thoughts with realistic, rational thoughts. When these rational self-statements are practised and learned, the brain can automatically take over, reciting this statement to put a stop to bothersome thoughts.

Helping your child to come up with their own, will mean they are more likely to remember and practise it.

Help children develop their own coping statement with our Coping Balloon!

This is an engaging activity designed to support children aged 5 and above in managing anxiety and promoting emotional well-being. This activity encourages children to create their own coping statement and decorate their coping balloon.


• Calming and Grounding: The concept of coping statements is introduced, which can help children interrupt and replace spiralling thoughts that lead to anxiety, promoting a sense of calmness and control.
• By allowing them to create their unique phrase, they are more likely to remember and engage with it during moments of panic or distress. This personalised coping statement serves as a powerful tool for children to self-soothe, manage anxiety, and regain a sense of control over their emotions.
• Creative and Decorative: Children are invited to decorate their coping balloon, making the activity interactive, engaging, mindful and enjoyable. The process of decorating their balloon is a calming and therapeutic experience that enhances their connection to the coping statement and increases the likelihood of practising it.
• A balloon can also signify calmness itself – children can practise balloon breathing and even imagine their worries floating away on their coping balloon.

This resource is beneficial for parents, professionals, and teachers who aim to help children manage anxiety and develop effective coping strategies. It complements the "My Coping Statements" print, providing a hands-on and visual component to the practice of coping statements.

By engaging in this activity, children learn a valuable tool for emotional regulation and gain a sense of empowerment in managing their anxiety that stays with them for life. It is a valuable addition to any collection of anxiety resources, trauma resources, or tools for promoting children's emotional well-being.