My Bag of Worries

My Bag of Worries is a valuable resource for easing worries and developing emotional well-being.

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Resource Info

What will your child put into their bag of worries?

Our Bag of Worries activity helps your children to identify their most pressing worries to work through. Help them to realise which worries are affecting them the most by writing them on the bag contents and sticking them in place.

About this resource:

My Bag of Worries is an engaging activity that helps children identify and work through their worries. By creating a "bag of worries" and writing down their concerns, children gain a better understanding of which worries are the most distressing and need to be managed first.


• Easing Worries: The activity provides a structured way for children to acknowledge and express their worries. By writing them down and sticking them on the bag, children externalise their worries, which can provide a sense of relief and help ease their anxiety.
• Identifying Worries: My Bag of Worries helps children identify their most distressing concerns. By writing their worries on the bag contents, children gain clarity about which worries are impacting them the most, allowing them to focus on addressing those specific concerns first.
• Unhelpful Thoughts Awareness: The activity also helps children identify any unhelpful thoughts or beliefs associated with their worries. By recognising these negative thought patterns, children can begin to challenge and replace them with more positive and constructive thinking.
• Promoting Discussion: My Bag of Worries can initiate discussions between children and parents, professionals, or teachers. By sharing their worries, children can engage in conversations, receive support, and explore coping strategies.

My Bag of Worries is a valuable resource for easing worries and developing emotional well-being. It encourages children to identify and express their worries, gain awareness of unhelpful thoughts, and promotes open discussions to address their worries effectively.