Match the Monster Emotions

Draw a line to match the emotion to the word.

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Resource Info

Match the Monster Emotions is an engaging emotional literacy resource designed for children aged 3 to 8. With this activity, children can draw a line to match various emotions with their corresponding words, enhancing their emotional development and literacy skills.

• Age Range: Suitable for children aged 3 to 8, depending on reading ability, making it ideal for early years curriculum and emotional literacy lessons.
• Emotional Literacy Resource: Match the Monster Emotions provides a fun and interactive way for children to learn and recognise different emotions.
• By engaging in this activity, children can develop their emotional literacy, enhance their emotional awareness, and improve their ability to identify and express their feelings.
• Beneficial for parents, professionals, and teachers who aim to support children's emotional learning and literacy.
• The activity features adorable monster characters, adding a playful and imaginative element to the learning experience.

Match the Monster Emotions fosters emotional literacy and empowers children to understand and communicate their emotions effectively. By matching emotions with their corresponding words, children can enhance their emotional vocabulary and gain a deeper understanding of their feelings. The monster theme adds an element of fun and excitement, making the activity engaging and memorable.


• Match the Monster Emotions encourages active participation and interaction, facilitating emotional development and literacy in young children.
• Early Years Curriculum Alignment: This resource aligns with early years curriculum goals, supporting emotional development and literacy in early childhood education settings.
• Suitable for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to promote emotional literacy and awareness in young children.