Make Yourself Shine

Boost self-esteem with this wonderful summer themed affirmation activity, which also doubles as a deep breathing exercise.

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Resource Info

Boost self-esteem with this wonderful summer themed affirmation activity. This activity doubles as a confidence-boosting mindful worksheet and a deep breathing exercise.

Directions: Have your child draw themselves in the middle of the sun – or they can even stick a photo of themselves there if they wish! Then, trace the rays of our sun with a pen as they flow outwards from the centre. Next, we want your children to write amazing things about themselves in each of the sun’s rays and fill the page with positive statements that surround themselves in the centre. Colour in and decorate, then once they’ve finished, display somewhere they will see it every day!

This wonderfully calming activity can also be used as a deep breathing technique. Ask your child to take big, deep breaths as they trace the sun’s rays outwards with their finger. Take a deep breath in as they trace one line, and then out as they trace the next line.