Goal Digger

Dig for Goals in this fun digger-themed goal setting activity.

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Resource Info

The Goal Digger helps your children reach a BIG goal. Perhaps it's to learn to ride a bike or tie their shoelaces, this goal setting activity will inspire confidence and determination.

But oh no! - Their big goal is under all that rubble, it‘s impossible to reach! So how can we reach it? We want your children to think of three small steps to dig towards their goal.

Just like a digger has to make lots of small digs to clear the mound, reaching a big goal can seem a lot more achievable when we take smaller steps to reach it.

Directions: Ask your children to think of what their BIG goal is. Is it learning to swim, moving up a reading band or two or even learning to play an instrument? A big goal can seem daunting at first, but we want children to feel like they can achieve anything! Once they've written their goal in the mound, help them to come up with three small steps they can take to achieve their goal.

About this resource:

The Goal Digger is a dynamic goal-setting activity designed for children aged 4 and above. In this fun and digger-themed worksheet, encourage children to dig for their goals and learn how to make them more achievable.

Key Features:

• Age Range: 4 years and above
• Goal Setting Activity: Engages children in a digger-themed adventure to set and work towards their goals.
• Digger-Themed Design: The activity incorporates a digger theme, adding excitement and visual appeal to the goal-setting process.
• Make Goals More Achievable: Guides children in breaking down their goals into realistic and manageable steps, helping them to develop a sense of progress and accomplishment.
• Encouragement to Achieve Goals: Provides motivation and encouragement to children as they set and pursue their goals.


Goal Digger empowers children to develop goal-setting skills and make their goals more attainable. By engaging in this activity, children learn the importance of setting goals, breaking them down into actionable steps, and staying motivated along their journey. This helps to support their mental health.

• Beneficial for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to promote goal setting and motivation in children.
• Goal Setting Activities: Offers engaging activities that help children understand and practice the process of setting and pursuing goals.
• Mental Health Resources: Provides a valuable tool for nurturing children's mental well-being by giving them focus and a sense of accomplishment.

Why is goal setting good for mental health?

Goal setting is a great way to help children build self-confidence and help them to create healthy habits. Goal setting encourages children to dream big, showing them that hard challenges are attainable through small steps.

Perfect for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to instill goal-setting skills, motivation, and personal growth in children.