Flip the Switch

Flip the switch to helpful thoughts in this CBT-inspired thought reframing activity.

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Resource Info

Flip the Switch is a fun, imaginative activity where children can visualise a switch and imagine flicking the switch to nice, helpful thoughts when those unhelpful, not so nice thoughts appear.

If they have a recurring unhelpful or intrusive thought, they can fill in this worksheet to more effectively manage this thought whenever it appears. The best thing about this activity is that once your child has completed it, they can imagine the switch wherever and whenever they want. They don't have to have the resource with them to imagine flicking their switch to helpful thoughts!

About this resource

Flip the Switch is an engaging thought reframing activity designed for children aged 5 to 11. In this activity, children are encouraged to flip the switch on negative or unhelpful thoughts and reframe them into positive and more constructive ones.

• Age Range: Suitable for children aged 5 to 11, making it ideal for various educational settings.
• Thought Reframing: Flip the Switch provides a fun and interactive worksheet where children can practise thought management and reframe negative thoughts.
• By engaging in this activity, children can develop skills in identifying negative thoughts and transforming them into positive and more helpful ones.
• Imaginative Experience: Flip the Switch offers an imaginative experience where children can practice thought reframing from anywhere using their minds.
• Beneficial for parents, professionals, and teachers who aim to support children's cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychology, and thought reframing skills.


Flip the Switch promotes cognitive-behavioural skills by helping children reframe negative thoughts and shift their focus towards more positive and helpful perspectives. By practising thought reframing, children can develop resilience, emotional well-being, and a more optimistic mindset. This activity encourages self-awareness and empowers children to take control of their thoughts and emotions.

Flip the Switch engages children in actively reframing negative thoughts, allowing them to practice and strengthen their thought management skills.

Suitable for various settings, including homes, classrooms, therapy sessions, and counselling programs.

The activity incorporates a fun and creative visualisation component, enhancing children's imaginative thinking and cognitive engagement.