Emotion Letter Tracing

Emotion Letter Tracing is a set of two worksheets designed to help children practice letter formation while exploring core emotion words.

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Resource Info

Emotion Letter Tracing is a set of two worksheets designed to help children practice letter formation while exploring core emotion words. Each worksheet provides tracing activities for emotion-related words, allowing children to develop their emotional literacy and improve their handwriting skills.

Key Features:

Letter Tracing: The worksheets feature clear and bold emotion words, with dotted lines guiding children to trace each letter. This provides a structured and engaging way for children to practise forming the letters correctly.

Emotional Literacy: The selected emotion words are essential in emotional literacy development, helping children recognise and understand different emotions. By tracing these words, children can strengthen their connection between written language and emotional expression.

Visual Support: Alongside each word is an emotion face representing each feeling. These visuals serve as additional cues to help children recognise and identify key emotions.

Suitable for Early Years: The worksheets are designed with young children in mind, making them ideal for early years education. They provide an age-appropriate introduction to letter formation and emotional vocabulary, supporting children's overall literacy development.


Emotional Literacy: By tracing emotion-related words, children can develop a better understanding of various emotions and how to express them.

Literacy Skills: The letter tracing activities contribute to the development of handwriting skills and letter formation. As children trace each letter, they refine their motor skills and reinforce their knowledge of letter shapes and sequences.

Vocabulary Expansion: The emotion words featured in the worksheets expand children's emotional vocabulary, enriching their ability to label and describe their own and others' emotions.

Classroom Resource: The Emotion Letter Tracing worksheets are suitable for use in the classroom, providing teachers with a valuable resource to incorporate emotional literacy and writing practice into their curriculum as one. They can be integrated into literacy lessons or used as part of emotional intelligence activities.

By tracing our core emotion words, children develop their handwriting skills while expanding their emotional vocabulary. This resource supports children’s emotional and literacy development and is a great addition to the Early Years Framework.