Calm Down Train Mat

Help children calm down fast by running a toy train along the tracks and completing each calming step.

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Resource Info

The Calm Down Train Mat is a perfect addition to any calming space, therapy setting, or classroom.

This fun and interactive train activity provides a unique approach to promoting calmness and self-regulation in children. Grab a toy train and push it along the tracks, stopping at each designated point to complete a calming step.

This engaging activity helps children focus their attention, follow a structured sequence, and practise coping techniques.

The Calm Down Train Mat is designed to create a sense of fun and excitement while fostering a calming atmosphere. By engaging in this activity, children develop self-regulation skills, learn to navigate and manage their emotions, and learn coping skills that can last a lifetime.

It is an ideal resource for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking effective tools to support children's emotional well-being. With its train theme, the Calm Down Train Mat appeals to children's imagination and provides a playful way to explore calming strategies.

It can be used as part of calming resources for kids, helping children feel calm quickly, or as a train-themed activity in calming corners or therapeutic settings.