Singing the Blues

Go through the history of the Blues and express your emotions through song.

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Resource Info

We love the expressive lyrics of Blues songs and the important history of Blues music. This resource for older children age 6-11 takes children through the history of the Blues in America and asks them to come up with their own Blues verse, helping them to express their emotions through song.

About this resource:

This is an educational worksheet that introduces children to the history and emotional expression of Blues music. Through exploring the origins and significance of the Blues, this resource encourages children to express their own emotions through songwriting, fostering creativity and emotional well-being.


• Educational: Children are taken on a journey through the history of the Blues in America, learning about its roots, cultural significance, and evolution as a genre of music.
• Emotional Expression: The resource prompts children to express their own emotions through song writing, drawing inspiration from the Blues tradition of expressing feelings and experiences through music.
• Personalised: Children are encouraged to create their own lyrics, learning to express their emotions creatively.
• Mental Health Awareness: Helps children understand the association between the term "blue" and mental health, providing a platform for discussing emotions and well-being.
• Optional manfulness activity – why not listen to Blues music together? This provides a wonderful learning experience and an additional mindful exercise that can deepen children's understanding and appreciation of the genre.

Why not use this resource on "Blue Monday"? Blue Monday is the third Monday in January, otherwise known as the ‘most depressing day of the year.’ It offers a related and engaging activity to uplift children's spirits during this time.