Free Resources for Children worrying about the invasion of Ukraine

The whole world is affected by the invasion of Ukraine. For many of us watching from afar, the anxiety can be overwhelming, despite the distance.

The invasion of Ukraine and the threats of a nuclear war has got many inquisitive and anxious children asking about, and worrying about what is happening. How can you help children who are worrying about the war in Ukraine? Younger children under the age of 6 who may not understand war, may be hearing snippets in the news, at school or from older family members and may be soaking up the feelings of worried and anxious adults in their household.


Older children between the ages of 7 and 11 may be worrying about whether the UK will be affected and worrying about their own safety. We have created the following resources for free, to help alleviate any worries your child may have. Although these resources do not specifically mention the war, they can be used to track and discuss worries, think positively, think how they could help others and help themselves to feel safe and calm. Click below to download.

Download All:


Worry Resource Pack

Download individual sheets:


My Safety Plan

How I Can Help Others

Finding the Good in My Day Diary

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My Worry Tracker


Random Acts of Kindness

I am Safe Colouring

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My Circle of Control