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Our aim is to help prevent the next generation from growing up into the 1 in 4 adults who experience mental ill health each year.


Psychologists say that the most important and formative years of our lives are between the ages of 4 and 7, but these are also years of big changes. Starting school, gaining more independence, making friends and working out the new world around them, it's important for our children to feel supported, listened to and that they are given the tools and knowledge to express themselves. This is the perfect age to instil and implement wellbeing and self care practises that they can take into adulthood, teach them the importance of good mental health and the acceptance and management of feelings, and provide them with the tools and techniques to manage their mental health as they grow.

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Access to our full resource library to help facilitate mental health, emotional learning and build resilience at home and in the classroom.

Access to all our printable flashcards including our Self Care Cards, Emotion Flashcards and Calm Cards! PLUS more educational resources. 


Monthly Mindfulness - updated every 4 weeks to reflect the new stresses and triggers of each month.

View and swipe through our monthly affirmation cards - updated every 4 weeks to reflect the new stresses and triggers of each month.

Therapist approved mental health and calming techniques to help ease a range of emotions.

Play ideas incorporating emotional learning and good mental health techniques into every day play!

Worksheets, planners and mental health trackers for YOU! Because we know that you take better care of others when you care for yourself.

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