Worry Worm’s What If Cards

The Worry Worm’s What If cards take your children through ‘what if’ based (hypothetical) worries.

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Resource Info

The Worry Worm’s What If cards take your children through ‘what if’ based scenarios, helping them to identify any of their own worries, whilst also encouraging them to think of ways to work through the worry.

About this resource:

Help young children aged 4-8 manage their worries and develop coping skills with the Worry Worm's What If Cards. This resource guides children through hypothetical scenarios, encourages open conversations about worries, and encourages children to find strategies to work through them.

The Worry Worm's What If Cards provide a supportive tool for children to address their worries in a safe and engaging way. The flashcards prompt children to think about "what if" scenarios, identify their own worries, and explore strategies to overcome them, fostering emotional resilience and reducing anxiety.

Key Features:

• Flashcards featuring hypothetical scenarios and worry prompts
• Child-friendly and relatable illustrations


• Educational and Explorative – Help children learn between hypothetical worries and real worries. Hypothetical worries are worries around things that haven’t happened – and may never happen. This helps children categorise their worries and makes them easier to manage and address.
• Anxiety Management: The Worry Worm's What If Cards help children identify and communicate their worries, helping them to explore coping skills and techniques with trusted adults.
• Facilitates Communication: The cards create a safe space for children to express their concerns and engage in open conversations with trusted adults or peers. The scenarios may prompt children to tell you about their own experiences and thoughts.
• Coping Skills Development: As this resource explores worries and normalises unhelpful thoughts, this then provides a platform to explore steps to minimise worry and find helpful coping mechanisms.
• Reduces Hypothetical Worry: By understanding the concept of hypothetical worries, children gain perspective and learn to differentiate between realistic concerns and imaginary fears.
• Empowers Problem-Solving: The activity promotes problem-solving skills as children explore solutions to help our Worry Worm, helping them to develop a sense of control over their own worries.
• Enhances Emotional Resilience: By addressing worries in a structured and supportive manner, children build emotional resilience and confidence in managing and vocalising their concerns.

Our Worry Worm’s What If Cards is a great, printable resource that helps children to develop emotional awareness and life-long coping skills. Helping children to differentiate, categorise and address their own thoughts, feelings and worries.