Winter Mindfulness

Explore winter using your senses, take this on a walk, or use your imagination.

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Resource Info

Winter Mindfulness is a grounding activity designed to engage children aged 4 and above in exploring and appreciating the winter season using their senses.

Key Features:

• Winter Theme: The activity is cantered around the winter season, allowing children to connect with the unique sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures associated with winter.
• Sensory Exploration: Children are encouraged to use their senses to fully immerse themselves in the winter environment. They can take this activity on a walk outdoors or use their imagination to envision the winter scene.
• Mindfulness: The activity promotes mindfulness by encouraging children to be present in the moment and pay attention to their surroundings. It helps cultivate a sense of calmness, focus, and awareness.
• Educational Experience: Through the exploration of winter using their senses, children can learn about the natural world, seasonal changes, and the beauty of nature during the winter season.
• Appreciation of Nature: Winter Mindfulness fosters an appreciation for nature and encourages children to notice and value the unique aspects of the winter environment.


• Engage the Senses: The activity engages multiple senses, allowing children to develop sensory awareness and mindfulness skills.
• Calming and Grounding: By immersing themselves in the present moment and connecting with nature, children can experience a sense of calmness and grounding.
• Mindful Strategies: Winter Mindfulness introduces children to mindfulness techniques that they can apply in other situations to manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.
• Connection with Nature: The activity promotes a sense of connection and appreciation for the natural world, fostering a positive relationship with the environment.
• Suitable for Various Settings: Winter Mindfulness can be easily implemented by parents, professionals, and teachers in various settings, including home, school, or outdoor environments.