Why I’m a Rockstar

Fill in the stars with all the amazing things about them.

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Resource Info

Reasons Why I'm a Rockstar is the perfect confidence-boosting activity for any budding musician or music lover. Let’s get your children thinking of all the things that make them stars!

About this resource:

Why I'm a Rockstar provides children with a platform to celebrate their individuality and recognise their strengths. By acknowledging their amazing qualities, children can develop a positive self-perception, boost their confidence, and cultivate a healthy sense of self-esteem.

Directions: Have your children write in the stars all the amazing things about themselves.


• Confidence Boosting: Why I'm a Rockstar encourages children to recognise their unique qualities, strengths, and achievements. By focusing on their positive attributes, children develop a sense of confidence and self-worth.
• Self-Esteem Building: This activity promotes self-esteem by inviting children to reflect on their own value and capabilities.
• Fun and Mindful: Help children to feel positive and present; this mindful activity helps children to feel focused and calm.

If your child dreams of being a rockstar or loves music, then this is the perfect feel-good resource to help them remember just how amazing they are!