Who Can I Talk To?

Who Can I Talk To is an invaluable resource to support parents and professionals caring for children.

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Resource Info

Who Can I Talk To is an invaluable resource to support parents and professionals caring for children. This resource serves as a powerful tool to help children recognise and identify the individuals in their social circle whom they can confide in and trust. It aims to reinforce the notion that there are always caring and attentive individuals ready to lend an ear and provide support when needed.


• Building Trust and Communication: This activity facilitates open discussions with children about the importance of trust and communication. By exploring the various individuals in their lives whom they can turn to for support, children develop a deeper understanding of the significance of trust-based relationships. This resource builds healthy communication patterns and encourages children to express their thoughts and emotions to the people they trust.
• Identifying Supportive Figures: Through this activity, children gain insight into the people in their circle who are available to listen and offer support. They learn to recognise the individuals who play significant roles in their lives, such as family members, friends, teachers, or other trusted adults. This awareness helps children establish a sense of security and reassurance, knowing that they have a network of caring individuals to rely on during challenging times.
• Emotional Well-being: Who Can I Talk To? promotes emotional well-being by emphasising the importance of reaching out to others. Children learn that sharing their thoughts and concerns with trusted individuals can help them feel better and provides comfort. This resource encourages children to seek support when faced with difficulties, helping them develop healthy coping mechanisms and learn the importance of talking about our worries and challenges.
• Build confidence and self esteem: This resource helps children to identify that they are not alone and that there are individuals who genuinely care about their well-being. This awareness contributes to a positive self-image, enhanced self-esteem, and the development of supportive social relationships.
• Empowering : This resource empowers children by giving them agency over their emotional well-being. It encourages them to recognisee that seeking support is a strength rather than a weakness and that reaching out to trusted individuals is a courageous and positive step.

This resource is designed to be an essential addition to the toolkit of professionals working with children. Whether in therapy sessions, counselling settings, or part of your social worker toolbox, Who Can I Talk To supports you to build strong and trusting relationships with children in their care.