Which Hat Are You Wearing Today

Use this activity to help children to incorporate good mental health activities into each day.

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Resource Info

Learn the techniques to good mental health. In this fun activity each hat represents a different technique of good mental health.

Directions: Cut out the hats and each day ask your child to pick a hat for the day - can they think of ways to build that factor or technique into their day?

About this resource:

The Which Hat Are You Wearing Today activity is designed for children aged 4 and up to incorporate good mental health activities into their daily routine.

• Educational Mental Health Resource: The activity serves as an educational resource to promote good mental health practises and techniques.
• Positive Thinking: Children learn the importance of positive thinking and how it can contribute to their overall well-being.
• Behaviour and Emotional Management: The activity introduces concepts of behaviour management for good mental health, thinking about how our actions impact our emotions.
• Introduction to Self-Care: Children are introduced to the concept of self-care and the importance of incorporating self-care activities into their daily lives.
• Interactive and Engaging: The activity involves cutting out different hats that represent various mental health techniques, making it interactive and engaging for children.


• Mindfulness of Thoughts and Actions: The activity encourages children to be mindful of their thoughts and actions by choosing a hat and thinking of ways to incorporate the associated mental health technique into their day.
• Positive Mindset: By focusing on positive thinking and practising good mental health techniques, children can develop a more positive mindset and outlook on life.
• Behaviour Management: The activity promotes behaviour management skills by helping children recognise and choose techniques that reinforce positive behaviour.
• Self-Care Awareness: Children gain an understanding of the importance of self-care and learn to prioritise their mental health by incorporating self-care activities into their daily routine.

This activity serves as a valuable resource for parents, professionals, and teachers to educate children about mental health and provide them with practical techniques for maintaining good mental well-being.

This activity fosters mindfulness, positive mindset, and self-care awareness while providing valuable tools for parents, professionals, and teachers to support children's mental well-being.