Visual Daily Routine Flashcards

These Visual Daily Routine Flashcards are a valuable resource designed to help children learn about daily routines and develop a sense of preparedness.

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Resource Info

These Visual Daily Routine Flashcards are a valuable resource designed to help children learn about daily routines and develop a sense of preparedness. Our visual flashcards depict a range of common daily activities using calming pastel colours, making them particularly helpful for children with autism or those who benefit from visual aids.

Why pastel colours for children with autism?

Studies have shown that light pastel pink is the favoured colour for children with autism. Cooler colours such as blues and greens can also have a soothing effect. Bright colours can cause over-stimulation, whereas softer colours can help children feel calm.

Key Features:

Daily Activity Representation: The flashcards feature a variety of daily activities that children typically engage in each day, such as waking up, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, going to school, playing, and bedtime routines. Each activity is accompanied by a visual representation, allowing children to associate the activity with its corresponding image.

Visual Learning and Comprehension: Visual aids are effective tools for young children, especially those with autism or other learning differences. The visual flashcards provide a clear and concise way for children to understand and remember their daily routines. By visualising the activities, children can better comprehend and follow the sequence of their daily tasks.

Calming Colour Palette: The flashcards utilise pastel calming colours, which can create a soothing experience for children. These colours can help promote a calm and focused mindset during daily routines.


Autism-Friendly: The visual nature of these flashcards makes them particularly beneficial for children with autism. They provide a visual reference for daily activities, helping children with autism understand and anticipate what will happen next.

Educational and Routine Development: By using visual flashcards to represent daily activities, children can learn about routines and develop a better understanding of the sequence of events in their daily lives. This promotes a sense of structure, organisation, and preparedness, which are essential for young children's development.

Feeling Calm and Prepared: Our Visual Daily Routine Flashcards help children feel more calm and prepared by providing a clear visual representation of their daily activities. This can reduce anxiety and uncertainty, as children have a visual reference to guide them through their routines. By knowing what to expect, children can approach their daily tasks with a greater sense of confidence and independence.

Visual Daily Routine Flashcards are a valuable resource for parents, professionals, and teachers who want to support young children in learning about routines, feeling prepared, and developing important life skills. These flashcards can enhance the educational experience, promote a sense of calmness, and facilitate the understanding of daily habits and responsibilities.