Top 5 Worries

My Top 5 Worries is an interactive worksheet designed to help children identify and address their most significant worries.

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Resource Info

My Top 5 Worries is an interactive worksheet designed to help children identify and address their most significant worries. With an engaging under the sea theme, this activity encourages children to write their top five worries in bubbles and then discuss strategies to ease those worries.

Key Features:

Categorise and Release Worries: The worksheet provides five bubbles where children can write down the five worries that are bothering the most. Place their biggest worry in the biggest bubble. This format allows for a visual representation of worries, making them more tangible and easier to address.

Under the Sea Theme: The activity features an under the sea theme, which adds a playful and imaginative element to the exercise. The theme mimics the soothing atmosphere of the ocean, helping children to feel calm and at ease.

Discussion Focus: After writing down their worries, children are prompted to talk about strategies to ease these worries. This encourages open communication and problem-solving, promoting a proactive approach to managing worries.


Calming and Easing Worries: Engaging in this activity allows children to express and confront their worries in a safe and supportive environment. By externalising their concerns and discussing strategies, they can experience a sense of relief and empowerment.

Discussion and Communication: The worksheet encourages children to have open discussions about their worries and potential solutions. This promotes effective communication and helps children realise the power of sharing problems and worries.

Managing Worries: By identifying their top five worries and discussing ways to ease them, children can develop problem-solving skills and learn practical strategies for managing their concerns. This empowers them to take an active role in their mental health and feel more in control.

Emotional Awareness: The activity enhances emotional awareness by prompting children to articulate and express their worries. It helps them to recognise and acknowledge their emotions, leading to a better understanding of their own needs.

Suitable for Various Settings: The Top 5 Worries worksheet can be used by parents, professionals and teachers in various settings, including therapy sessions, classroom discussions, or family conversations. It provides a valuable tool for addressing worries and promoting emotional well-being.