Toilet Anxiety Resource Pack

Fun poo related activities to help children with toilet phobia or anxiety!

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Resource Info

Our Toilet Anxiety Resource pack a toolkit designed to support children aged 4 and above who experience toilet phobia or anxiety. This pack includes a variety of engaging and fun activities that aim to help children explore their toilet anxieties, develop coping strategies, and promote a sense of calmness.

Let's delve deeper into the activities featured in this pack:

• Lou's Poos Calming Activity: This activity empowers children by allowing them to brainstorm and identify things that can help them when they feel anxious about using the toilet. By writing these strategies on the poos, decorating them, and sticking them to the character Lou, children gain a sense of control and agency over their anxieties. Displaying Lou in the bathroom serves as a visual reminder of their coping mechanisms, reinforcing their ability to manage their fears.
• Ways to Stay Calm on the Loo Print: The included poster provides children with a range of techniques to use when they feel worried or scared to use the toilet. By having these strategies readily available, either by displaying the poster in the bathroom or allowing children to circle the techniques they find helpful, children can feel more confident and empowered in managing their anxiety in the moment.
• Mindful Toilet Games: The resource pack features four mindful activities designed to distract and calm children when toilet-related worries arise. By engaging in these activities, children are encouraged to shift their focus away from their anxiety and onto more positive and soothing experiences, promoting a sense of relaxation and control.
• My Digestive System: By drawing and labelling the different body parts involved in the digestive process, children can develop a sense of connection and familiarity with their own bodies, potentially reducing anxiety related to the toilet.

By using the resources provided in this pack, children can engage in open discussions about their toilet anxiety, explore effective strategies, and develop a more positive and comfortable relationship with the toilet. This toolkit for toilet anxiety also helps to open communication about something a lot of us feel embarrassed about – normalising the digestive process and helping children feel calmer and more accepting of their thoughts and feelings.

This resource pack is beneficial for parents, professionals, and teachers alike, offering valuable support and guidance in helping children overcome toilet anxiety and promoting a sense of calm and confidence.