Til Then Penguin

Our Til Then Penguin has been designed to ease separation anxiety in children.

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Resource Info

Our Til Then Penguin has been designed to ease separation anxiety in children by encouraging them to focus on the date of their loved one’s return, reinstating the fact that their loved one will come back soon.

The 'Til Then Penguin can be used in two ways - by displaying it in your home it acts as a visual reminder that their parent/loved one will return, or your child can choose to send it away with their loved one to display whilst they're apart! For extra fun, make sure you end your phone calls or emails by saying ''Til Then, Penguin!'

About this resource:

The Til Then Penguin is a delightful resource specifically designed to help ease separation anxiety.

• Separation Anxiety Activity for Kids: The Til Then Penguin offers an engaging and interactive activity that allows children who are separated from loved ones to focus on their return.
• Expressing Emotions and Thoughts: Children are encouraged to write down the date of their loved one's return on the penguin's body, enabling them to express their anticipation and emotions.
• Creative Expression: Children can decorate their Til Then Penguin, making it a personalised and meaningful keepsake. This process empowers children to take ownership of their feelings and create a visual reminder of their loved one's return.
• Easing and Managing Anxiety: The Til Then Penguin serves as a comforting and reassuring presence for children experiencing separation anxiety. Having a physical representation of their loved one's return helps alleviate anxiety and provides a sense of security during the separation period.

The Til Then Penguin is a valuable resource for parents, professionals, and teachers who want to assist children with separation anxiety. It offers a practical tool to guide conversations, provide emotional support, and validate children's feelings during times of separation.

By utilising the Til Then Penguin, children can develop coping skills, manage separation anxiety, and build their emotional well-being. It is an effective tool for supporting children through challenging transitions and providing them with comfort and reassurance until their reunion.