Things that Bug Me

Things that Bug Me is an engaging and interactive worksheet designed to help children manage anger and frustration.

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Resource Info

Things that Bug Me is an engaging and interactive worksheet designed to help children manage anger and frustration. With a fun bug theme, this resource allows children to identify and express the things that make them angry or upset in various aspects of their lives, such as at school, home, with friends, or family.

By recognising these triggers, children can develop strategies to better manage their emotions and reactions.

Key Features:

Bug-Themed Anger Worksheet for Kids: The worksheet features a bug theme, making it fun and engaging for big bug lovers! This provides a relatable and light-hearted context for exploring and discussing big emotions.

Identifying Triggers: Children are encouraged to fill in the worksheet by writing down the things that bug them in different areas of their lives. This activity helps them develop self-awareness and emotional literacy by recognising and acknowledging their anger triggers.

Managing Feelings and Reactions: By identifying the things that make them angry or upset, children can gain insights into their emotional responses. This resource provides a foundation for teaching children how to manage their feelings and reactions in a healthy and constructive way.


• Anger Management: Things that Bug Me serves as a valuable anger management resource. By identifying triggers and understanding the things that provoke their anger, children can learn to regulate their emotions and develop healthier coping strategies.
• Emotional Literacy Development: This activity promotes the development of emotional literacy skills by encouraging children to express and articulate their feelings.
• Behaviour Management: By recognising the things that bug them, children can learn to manage their behavioural responses more effectively. This resource provides a starting point for discussions about appropriate ways to express feelings and react to challenging situations.

Things that Bug Me is a useful resource for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to support children in anger management and emotional regulation. By using a bug theme and providing a structured worksheet, this resource offers a playful and effective approach to helping children identify and manage their anger triggers, develop emotional literacy, and learn healthier ways to express their emotions.