The Trust Bus

Help children learn and explore who is in their support network with the Trust Bus. Who will they let on their bus?

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Resource Info

The Trust Bus is a psychology resource which will help children learn who is in their support network, using our bus as a metaphor. Who will your child let on their bus? Who is in their trusted circle? Only people they trust can board the bus!

This is a great resource for social workers, mental health professionals, domestic abuse charities, those in safeguarding roles and more to help children in your care feel safe and supported. If you're a professional or parent looking to encourage your child to discover and explore their safe people, the Trust Bus can help.

Directions: Encourage your child to think about who is in their trusted circle - these are people that help them to feel calm and safe, and who they feel they can tell anything to. Trusted people can be parents, family members, teachers or professionals. Your child is the bus driver of their Trust Bus - first have them write their name or draw their face on the driver, then, encourage them to fill in the blank circles on the passengers with the people they feel safe with.