Make a Grief Wreath

Grief doesn't stop at Christmas, help children explore coping strategies and feel calm with our mindful Grief Wreath craft.

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Resource Info

Navigating Grief during Christmas - Help Children with our Grief Wreath.

Christmas can be a joyful time, but for children coping with grief, it can bring a mix of emotions like frustration, sadness and worry. Our Grief Wreath is a heartfelt craft designed to support young minds through the holiday season.

Crafting Healing Memories

With our cut-out leaves and berries, children can create their very own Grief Wreath as a symbol of remembrance and healing.

Explore Coping Techniques

The Grief Wreath isn't just a craft; it also helps children to explore coping strategies. Included are stars where children can jot down three coping techniques that resonate with them and stick them on their finished wreath. The wreath can then be hung as a reminder of how to cope.

Helping Children Find Comfort

As parents, educators, or caregivers, we understand the importance of building a supportive environment for your children. The Grief Wreath is more than just an art project; it's a conversation starter—a bridge to understanding and expressing feelings during a time that may be challenging and confusing.

Mindful and Developmental

With our cut out shapes and glueing and sticking this craft is perfect for developing those fine motor skills, as well as helping children to feel grounded and present.

Download Your Grief Wreath Kit Now

Empower the young hearts in your care with a tool designed to transform grief into a journey of mindful healing. Download the Grief Wreath today and help children this Christmas.