The Christmas Survival Kit for Teens

Not everyone enjoys Christmas, many young people can find this time of year hard. Our Christmas Survival Kit is a printable resource journal of over 20 activities designed to help your teen explore coping strategies, manage worry, de-stress and much more. Download this invaluable resource pack now!

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Resource Info

Supporting Teens and Young People Over Christmas - Download our Christmas Survival Kit now.

The holiday season can be tough, especially for teens experiencing mental ill health, challenges at home or those in care. Our Christmas Survival Kit for Teens is here to help —a downloadable resource journal packed with 24 activities designed to support, inspire and bring a sense of calm during the festive season.

Is your teen struggling this Christmas? Let's take a look at some of the activities...

Inside this comprehensive kit, teens will find a variety of engaging activities crafted to address different aspects of their emotional well-being and support their mental health.

  1. Christmas Cheer or Sneer: Reflect on what brings joy and challenges during the holidays.
  2. Break the Baubles: De-stress and manage anger by destroying the baubles on the page.
  3. My Coping Toolbox: Create a personalised toolbox filled with effective coping strategies.
  4. Marshmallow or Marsh-mellow: Shade in the calming marshmallows representing calming techniques.
  5. Trigger Identification and Management: Explore activities to recognise and manage triggers specific to the Christmas period.
  6. Wheel of Wellbeing: Help your teen feel in control of making positive changes in areas of their lives that impact their wellbeing.
  7. Important Contacts: A dedicated space to jot down crucial support contacts and websites your teen finds helpful.
  8. Anti-Christmas Tree: Draw a bauble for each challenge overcome, creating a visual representation of strength after the holiday season.

Discover, learn, reflect and cope

The Christmas Survival Kit for Teens is more than just a journal—it's a companion for self-discovery, growth, and resilience that puts them in the driving seat of their wellbeing. Each activity is crafted to provide a unique outlet for expression, bringing back a sense of control over the holiday season.

Empower your teens today and download our Christmas Survival Kit.