Summer Selfies

Draw how you feel in each of these summer based scenarios.

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Resource Info

Summer Selfies is a fun summer-themed draw how you feel activity, helping children to expand their emotional range and visualise how they would feel in each of our scenarios. From someone ruining their sandcastle, to feeling TOO hot! – How would your child feel?

Directions: Ask your child to draw how they think they would feel in each of our scenarios. This activity will help your child learn to express emotions whilst soaking in some summer fun! This will also prepare them for any of these summer-based scenarios if they should pop up over the holidays.


• Emotional expression – draw how you feel activities are great for exploring emotions and emotional learning, facilitating openness and communication around feelings and different scenarios.
• Creative expression – drawing has been shown to have huge benefits for mental health, providing a creative outlet that calms and distracts from distressing emotions.
• Summer themed – looking for fun and mindful summer activities for kids with an educational angle? This is definitely for you!