Starting School Pack

Get ready for school with over 30 activities!

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Resource Info

Is your child starting school this year? Then you need this printable mindful journal! Full of activities to help prepare them for the biggest change in their lives to date.

Help your four or five year old get ready for their first day of school with our new comprehensive resource pack.

This starting school resource for young children is completely downloadable and printable for use at home! You can print as many times as you wish - which can be particularly handy for our tracing sections.

Why have we created this pack?

Experts and teachers have stated that children age four to five are the age group most affected by the pandemic. We’ve created this pack to help your child face this transition and feel calm and prepared for their first day.

This pack contains over 30 activities including:

• Feelings trackers and charts
• Letter tracing and scissor practise
• My First Day poster template
• My First Day picture frame
• Reflection activities to help them process their first day
• Conversation starters
• Mindful colouring
• School flashcards
• Two breathing techniques
• Plus more!

Let's take a look at some of them:

School Days - Our journal starts by asking all about your child before going into the more educational activities. We have letter tracing, number tracing and shape tracing. You can also help your child learn the days of the week, and which days they'll be at school, to help them feel more prepared. It can be reassuring for children to know what their new routine will look like.

Design a Thinking Cap - Get them ready for all that learning they're about to do! Can they design a fun thinking cap to engage their brain? If they ever get stuck at school - you can tell them to imagine putting their thinking cap on!

Mark their First Day - We've provided two prints to help mark their first day. The first one is our First Day poster which you can fill out and have them hold up for a photo. Then, you can have them stick in their photo in our First Day frame below!

These activities are all about savouring and cementing the happy memories and excitement of the day.

Reflection Activities - Our pack not only gets your child ready for their first day, but also provides activities for after their first day, helping them to reflect and process the day's events. This includes feeling trackers like the one above.

First Day Self Reflection - This activity gets your child thinking about how they were feeling at different parts of their school day, this is also a great discussion opportunity. Which parts were exciting? Which parts were scary? Which parts didn't they like? How can they change this tomorrow?

Bedtime Babble Cards - We're a big fan of winding down at bed time and processing the day, this gets your child ready for the day ahead and helps them to sleep better, by discussing anything that's on their mind or working through any big emotions they've felt.

Rainbow Breathing Craft - We've provided two breathing techniques in our school pack, including this mindful craft. Use our template to create a rainbow wall hanger, then, whenever your child feels anxious or overwhelmed, have them trace the stripes of the rainbow with their finger whilst they breathe in and out.

School Flashcards - At the back of this pack you'll find some printable flashcards to cut out and use, these will show your child all the things that can be found in and around school and helps them to prepare for the things they'll see and learn!

Ready to use this pack? Download it now!