Space Emotions

Emotions print with two feelings activities,.

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Resource Info

Our Space Emotions activity pack helps your child communicate how they're feeling - perfect for any astronaut in training! Included in this resource is a Space Emotions print and two activities.

More about this resource:

The main objective of this resource is to facilitate children in effectively communicating and understanding their emotions. It provides a variety of tools and activities to promote emotional literacy and create a safe space for children to express how they're feeling.

Fun emotions print – By using this poster, children can explore and learn about various emotions with our fun planet emojis! This visual aid serves as a helpful reference, featuring emotions that children can identify and discuss.

Draw how the astronaut feels – A fun draw-how-you-feel activity allows children to communicate their emotions through drawing and colouring in our astronaut!

Daily check in activity – Cut out our emotion flashcards and use to explore emotions regularly by holding or sticking the relevant emotion to the ‘Today I Feel’ sheet. This encourages children to identify and communicate their emotions with parents, professionals, teachers or caregivers.

This tool can be helpful for children with ADHD, autism and any child who thrives of visual cues. The space theme adds an element of excitement and imagination to the activities, captivating children's interest and making the learning experience enjoyable.

"Space Emotions" is a versatile resource suitable for various settings, including home, classrooms, and therapeutic environments. It can be integrated into emotional literacy lessons, social-emotional learning programs, or as part of daily check-ins and discussions about emotions.