Self Care for Carers

A nice print of self care ideas for young carers and a self care plan activity.

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Resource Info

Self Care for Carers is a resource designed to support young carers in prioritising their own self-care and well-being. The resource includes a print featuring self-care ideas specific to the needs of young carers and an activity to create a their own personalised self-care plan.

Key Features:

Self-Care Techniques: The print provides a range of self-care ideas tailored to the unique experiences and challenges faced by young carers. These ideas encompass various aspects of well-being, including physical, emotional, and social self-care.

Self-Care Plan Activity: The activity prompts young carers to create their own self-care plan by trying different self-care activities and finding which ones work for them.

Reflective Questions: The activity includes reflective questions that encourage young carers to consider their self-care needs, challenges and strategies for incorporating self-care into their daily lives.

Visual Representation: The self-care plan provides a visual representation of the selected self-care strategies, serving as a reminder and motivation to prioritise their own care needs.


Well-being: Self Care for Carers promotes the well-being of young carers by introducing the topic of self-care and emphasising the importance of their own needs. It encourages them to prioritise their needs and engage in activities that nurture their physical, emotional, and social well-being.
Resilience: By engaging in self-care practises, young carers can enhance their resilience and ability to cope with the challenges of caregiving.

This resource helps Young Carers to develop a plan of self-care activities that they can utilise to help them feel calm and energised, helping them to realise that their own care and health is important too.