Self Care Cards

Introduce children aged 9 and above to the importance of self-care with these engaging Self Care Cards.

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Resource Info

Introduce children aged 9 and above to the importance of self-care with these engaging Self Care Cards. This set of 24 printable flashcards provides a valuable resource to help children explore and incorporate self-care activities into their daily lives.

About this resource:

Our Self Care Cards are specifically designed for pre-teens and feature a variety of self-care ideas. Each flashcard presents a different activity, such as practising mindfulness, engaging in creative expression, or spending time in nature. These cards serve as prompts and reminders to prioritise self-care and their emotional well-being.

Key Features:

• 24 flashcards with self-care ideas for pre-teens
• Engaging and visually appealing design.


• Promotes Self-Awareness: Our Self Care Cards help children develop a deeper understanding of their own needs and emotions and which self-care activities work for them.
• Enhances Emotional Well-Being: Engaging in self-care activities encourages emotional regulation and stress reduction.
• Builds Resilience: By engaging regularly in self-care, children learn important coping skills and strategies for managing challenges.
• Cultivates Healthy Habits: The flashcards serve as reminders to incorporate self-care activities into daily routines, promoting long-term well-being.
• Encourages Independence: Children can use the cards independently to engage in self-care activities, helping them feel in control of their own wellbeing and mental health.
• Supports Positive Relationships: Self-care practices can enhance communication and understanding within family and peer relationships.
• Facilitates Mindful Living: Our Self Care Cards promote mindfulness by encouraging children to be present and attentive to their own needs and well-being.

These cards are the perfect way to introduce the concept of self-care and the importance of taking time to look after ourselves for our mental health. These can be used at home, in the classroom or as part of counselling sessions to help children identify which activities work for them and ways to feel present and calm.