FREE: Four Thought-Provoking Questions for Kids – Children’s Mental Health Week 2024

A wonderful resource for Children's Mental Health Week! This year's theme is "My Voice Matters," a powerful theme of self-advocacy. Say It is a fun activity to help children feel confident and able to express their opinions and thoughts. A fun class resource to discuss and debate answers or an inspiring display of your children's voices.

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Resource Info

Say It! Four Thought-Provoking Questions for Kids - plus four blank templates for you to write your own questions and discussions.

If your child could change one thing about the world what would it be? What would they do if they were Prime Minister for a day? Our thought-provoking questions will help your children discuss and write down their opinions and actions on important topics.

Perfect for use at home or in the classroom this Children's Mental Health Week!

This year's theme is "My Voice Matters," and what better way to help children learn that their opinions and voices are valid than asking them to write them down!

Classroom activity ideas:

  • Discuss and debate: Hand out the questions so each child has a question in front of them, ask them to answer the question in the speech bubble. Ask the class to get into the groups of their assigned question to discuss and debate their answers!
  • Make a display: Lay out on a table and ask your children to choose a question to answer, when they have answered it, cut out the speech bubble and make a school or class display of their answers!

Download this fun and free resource now and help your children understand that their voice matters this Children's Mental Health Week and all year round!