Remembering My Pet / Loved One

Help to face and open up about the loss of a loved one or pet.

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Resource Info

Remembering My Pet / Loved One is a resource designed to help children face and open up about the loss of a loved one or pet. This resource acknowledges the sensitivity of the topic of grief and aims to provide support for children in processing their feelings.

About this resource:

One of the ways people cope with grief is by writing a letter to the person they miss, this has many therapeutic benefits. We have taken this idea and made it into a child-friendly resource. The Feelings Check In also allows you to monitor your child’s emotions. This worksheet can be used regularly, as your child may fill in the prompts differently each time, this allows you to track how they're feeling as time goes on.


• Discussing Grief: Remembering My Pet / Loved One helps children think about their grief and discuss their emotions. By engaging with this resource, children can express their feelings and begin the healing process associated with loss.
• Letter Writing Activity: The resource includes a child-friendly version of writing a letter to the person or pet they miss. This activity allows children to express their emotions, memories, and thoughts, promoting emotional expression and providing a means of remembrance.
• Feelings Check-In: The Feelings Check-In enables children to track and communicate their emotions over time. By regularly using this worksheet, parents, professionals, and teachers can gain insights into a child's emotional well-being and provide appropriate support.

Remembering My Pet / Loved One is a valuable resource for anyone supporting children through the grieving process. It aims to promote open discussions about loss, validate children's feelings, and promote healing and remembrance.