Puddle Science

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Resource Info

Fancy helping your little one become a puddle scientist? Grab a raincoat and let's head outside! Sunday 24th September is National Get Outside Day, but with the rainy weather moving in again - we wanted to give you something wonderful and mindful to try when it's wet.

This activity is taken from our Rainy Day Activity Pack which has over 10 activities to keep children busy on those wetter days.

Directions: Let's go explore some puddles. You can print this off as many times as you like! This educational activity will help your children to feel mindful, present and appreciate the beauty of nature - even when it's raining. Have them choose a puddle and take a close up look - how big is the puddle? How wide? How deep? Who lives in the puddle? Can they draw the puddle? Can they float something on the puddle? Can they compare puddles? Wellies optional!

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