Printable Breathing Cards A6

More of our popular breathing and calming exercises in A6.

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Resource Info

You can choose to download these fun, portable breathing exercises for kids in A6 or A7 - simply print and cut out your preferred size!

Deep breathing is one of the easiest tools to help us feel calm and can be done anywhere, at any time. Teaching your children deep breathing techniques will ensure they have a coping tool in their arsenal which will be with them for life. Read more about how to teach your children deep breathing in our blog here.

About this resource:

A set of 7 fun and engaging breathing and calming exercises designed for children aged 4+. These A6-sized cards are perfect for use at home, in classrooms, or on the go, providing a convenient tool for promoting calmness, mindfulness, and promoting the benefits of deep breathing techniques.

• Age Range: 4+ years
• A6 Size: Compact and portable cards that can be easily used at home, in classrooms, or while traveling.
• Calming and Mindful: Features a variety of fun and engaging breathing exercises and techniques to help children relax and self regulate.
• Valuable for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to support children's emotional well-being and teach self-regulation skills.


• By using these cards, children can develop a greater sense of calmness, improve focus, reduce stress, and enhance their overall emotional well-being.
• These breathing techniques can be particularly beneficial during moments of anxiety, overwhelm, or as a regular mindfulness practice.
• A6 Size: Designed to be compact and easy to handle, making them suitable for various environments and situations.
• Fun and Engaging: Incorporates visually appealing designs and interactive breathing exercises to capture children's imaginations.
• Provides a valuable tool for teaching and practicing deep breathing techniques in a child-friendly and accessible format.