Princess Emotion Matching Activity

Cut out the emotion cards and the word cards and have a go at matching them on our princess!

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Resource Info

Princesses, just like us, have many different emotions - can your child match the picture card to the word card in this magical resource?

About this resource:

The Princess Emotion Matching Activity is a delightful resource designed for children aged 3 and above. This princess-themed emotion matching game encourages children to explore and understand emotions using something they know and love!

The activity involves cutting out emotion cards and word cards and matching them on our charming princess character. Each emotion card features a different emotion, while the corresponding word card displays the word describing that emotion. Children can have fun and learn as they place the emotion and word cards on the princess, creating a visual representation of different emotions.

This princess-themed emotion matching game promotes emotional literacy, allowing children to develop their understanding of various emotions and expand their emotional vocabulary. By matching the emotion cards with the corresponding words, children can strengthen their ability to identify and label emotions accurately.

The activity is designed to be enjoyable and captivating for children, making it an ideal resource for parents, professionals, and teachers. It can be used in various settings, including at home, in the classroom, or during therapy sessions, to support emotional learning and engage children in meaningful discussions about their feelings.

Optional activity - can your child think of a story for why our princess is feeling each emotion?