Positivity Colouring Sheets

Five colouring sheets with positive statements for confidence and encouragement.

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Resource Info

Colouring is one of the most mindful activities you can do, and once you start, it's easy to get into the swing of it! We have five new encouraging and positive statement colouring sheets to complete.

About this resource:

These five positivity colouring sheets are designed to inspire confidence and provide encouragement to children and teens. Each sheet features uplifting statements to promote positive thinking and a sense of well-being.

Key Features:
• Mindful Affirmation Colouring: Engage in the mindful activity of colouring while reading these feel-good, confidence boosting statements.
• Calming and Relaxing: Colouring has a soothing effect, helping children and teens to relax and reduce stress.
• Positive Thinking: The affirmations on each sheet reinforce a positive mindset, promoting self-belief and optimism.
• Encouragement and Confidence Building: By colouring and contemplating the positive statements, children and teens can boost their self-esteem and cultivate a sense of empowerment.
• Suitable for All Ages: These colouring sheets are designed to appeal to both younger children and teenagers, making them versatile resources for various age groups.


• Promotes focus and relaxation.
• Encourages a positive mindset and self-belief.
• Express creativity and individuality through colouring.
• Boost self-esteem and cultivate a sense of empowerment.
• Reduce stress and experience a sense of calm.