Pocket Calming Exercises – Print and Fold

Print and fold this A4 sheet into a handy pocket sized booklet!

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Resource Info

This concertina style booklet is so easy to make, simply download, print and fold! Each page gives directions on how to feel calm by helping children learn to control their breathing. If you'd like to read about the benefits of deep breathing and how to encourage deep breathing from an early age, you can read our blog post here - 'How to Teach Your Child Deep Breathing.'

About this resource

This booklet features 7 breathing and calming techniques designed for children aged 4+. It serves as a convenient and accessible resource for promoting calmness, mindfulness, and deep breathing techniques.

• Age Range: 4+ years
• Easily print and fold the A4 sheet into a pocket-sized concertina booklet for portability and convenience.
• Calming and Mindful: Offers a variety of breathing and calming techniques to help children relax, reduce stress, and promote emotional well-being.
• Helps children to feel calm and self-regulate
• Valuable for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to support children's mental health and well-being.


• My Pocket Calming Exercises provides a practical and engaging resource for children to practice breathing and calming techniques. By using this booklet, children can develop valuable skills in self-regulation, manage anxiety and take care of their emotional well-being.

• The portable nature of the pocket-sized booklet allows children to have quick access to these techniques whenever they need them, whether at home, in school, or on the go.

• Provides a useful tool for teaching and practicing deep breathing techniques in a child-friendly format.

• Ideal for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to support children's mental health and well-being.