No Hitting Resource

Help children learn it's never ok to hit and what to do instead. Features a calming meditation activity.

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Resource Info

Help children understand why they may hit or kick when they feel frustrated or angry.

Children who display aggressive behaviours may be struggling to communicate how they feel. This No Hitting activity explores why your child reacts this way and helps them to think about what they can do when they feel their emotions bubbling over.

We've also included a short, guided calming activity - The Calming Gloves gives your child a new way of channelling overwhelming emotions.

More about this resource:

This resource not only addresses the issue of hitting but also includes a calming meditation activity to support emotional management.

The worksheet provides children with a platform to reflect on their behaviour and come up with strategies to stop them from lashing out. Coming up with alternative, non-violent ways of managing anger and frustration and expressing themselves.

By engaging with the worksheet, children can develop a deeper awareness of the impact of their actions and learn essential skills in emotional regulation. It serves as a practical tool for parents, professionals, and teachers to guide conversations about appropriate behaviour and help children find healthier outlets for their emotions.

The guided meditation included in the resource offers a calming and grounding experience for children. Through this meditation, children can learn techniques to manage their emotions, relax, and find inner peace. It serves as a powerful tool for teaching children how to channel their anger and frustration in a positive and non-harmful manner.

By using this resource, children can develop empathy, emotional awareness, and self-control, fostering a more harmonious and respectful environment.

The resource is designed with a boxing theme, providing a relatable context for children to understand the consequences of hitting and the importance of finding peaceful solutions to conflicts.

This is a valuable behaviour management resource for any classroom and school and can even be used at home for siblings who often fight. This resource is a must-have for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to address aggressive behaviour and foster a peaceful and respectful environment.