Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles is a resource designed to help your child explore and face their fear of the dark.

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Resource Info

Is your child scared of the dark? Or do they have vivid imaginations that run wild once the lights go out? Night Vision Goggles is a resource designed to help your child feel in control of their fear.

A fear of the dark is a common phobia in children. It can be scary when the lights go out and suddenly they can't see, this can cause imaginations and thoughts to run wild. It's important to reassure your child that this fear is normal. Validating your child's fears and emotions and helping them to explore and gradually face their fear is key. In this resource, we encourage you and your child to explore their rooms to show them that there is nothing to be afraid of. You can do this with them!

Directions: Have your child design their own Night Vision Goggles. These Night Vision Goggles are super special because they can see in the dark even when your child can't. Your child can use the goggles to scan the room before they go to bed so they know that there is nothing there that can harm or hurt them.