My Worry World

Write your worries in the world and blast them into space.

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Resource Info

Our Worry World helps your children to identify their main worries by writing them down in the Worry World and sending them to outer space!

Directions: Have your child write down their worries in the Worry World. Then, ask them to close their eyes and imagine their worry taking off into space. Can they tell you a story about how their worry has travelled through the universe - perhaps their worry has found a blackhole or it's hit an asteroid, either way, their worry is gone forever!

About this resource:

My Worry World is a creative worksheet designed to help children identify and manage their worries. By visualising their worries being blasted into space, this resource encourages children to let go of their anxieties and find a sense of calm and relief.


• Visualisation technique: Visualising their worry helps them externalise their worries and view them as separate entities that they can manage and control.
• Children are encouraged to create stories about their worries' intergalactic journey, fostering imagination and providing a sense of closure.
• The activity promotes the release of worries, allowing children to let go of their anxieties and experience a sense of relief.
• By engaging in this activity, children can gain a better understanding of their worries, communicate them more effectively, and develop strategies to manage their anxiety.

This resource is designed to help parents, professionals, and teachers to support children's emotional well-being and anxiety management.