My Summer Routine

A change of routine can be stressful, help your child ease into the summer holidays.

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Resource Info

Help children settle into the summer holidays and establish a new routine with this summer-themed resource.

About this resource:

Routines are essential for children's mental health, providing a sense of safety, comfort, and stability. By introducing a structured summer routine, children can navigate the change in their daily schedules and alleviate potential stress and worries associated with the transition.

Key Features:

• Supports children in transitioning to the summer holidays after breaking up from school
• Provides a clear and structured new routine for the summer break
• Promotes a sense of safety, comfort, and predictability
• Helps children adjust to changes in daily schedules.

• Reduces stress and anxiety associated with transitions
• Establishes a sense of stability and security
• Encourages a balanced and productive summer break
• Enhances time management and organization skills
• Facilitates smoother transitions into and out of the summer holidays.