My Solar System of Support

Who's in your child's solar system of support? Includes printer friendly version!

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Resource Info

My Solar System of Support is an uplifting worksheet designed to help children identify and appreciate the people in their lives who provide safety, trust, and support.

This engaging activity prompts children to write or draw the names of individuals who form their own personal "solar system of support" – placing themselves in the centre as the sun.

About this resource:

My Solar System of Support serves as a safety and support worksheet, developing a sense of connection and resilience in children. By recognising and acknowledging the individuals who are there for them, children gain a deeper understanding of the resources and help available to them during challenging times.

This worksheet encourages children to reflect on who they can talk to and trust when they need someone to listen, offer guidance, or provide comfort.

The key benefit of My Solar System of Support is helping children realise who is there for them. By visually mapping out their support system, children gain a clear understanding of the people they can turn to when they need emotional support, advice, or simply someone to talk to. This empowers children to feel confident in discussing their thoughts, fears, and challenges, knowing they have a reliable network of individuals who care about their well-being.

Furthermore, this resource promotes the development of healthy communication skills and emotional literacy. By encouraging children to identify the individuals they trust, My Solar System of Support"cultivates a safe and open dialogue about emotions and personal experiences. It helps children build the language and confidence to express their feelings, seek help when needed, and develop positive coping strategies.

The space theme of "My Solar System of Support" adds an element of fun and engagement to the worksheet. Children can enjoy the imaginative aspect of creating their personal solar system, making the activity more interactive and memorable. This space-themed design also aligns with the idea of a support network being a constant presence, just like the stars and planets in the vastness of space.

Parents, professionals, and teachers can use this resource to facilitate discussions around support systems and emotional well-being. By working through this worksheet together, adults can help children identify the people they trust, validate the importance of seeking support, and reinforce the idea that they are not alone in their journey.

This resource is beneficial for children who have experienced trauma, domestic abuse or who are experiencing big changes in their lives. This worksheet serves as a reminder that they are not alone and that there are trusted individuals they can rely on during times of need.