My Small, Medium and BIG Worries

Categorise worries to see which ones to manage first.

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Resource Info

This is a great activity for any child with anxiety or intrusive thoughts, helping children to categorise the worries that are making them the most upset. This allows you to then tackle and talk about these worries first.

About this resource

My Small, Medium and BIG Worries is an engaging anxiety worksheet designed to help children and teens categorise their worries based on their size and importance. This valuable resource enables children to identify and prioritise their worries, empowering them to effectively manage their anxiety.

By categorising their worries into small, medium, and big, children gain a clearer understanding of the magnitude and impact of each worry in their lives. By visually organising their worries, children are better equipped to identify which worries are bothering them the most and require immediate attention.

Through this categorisation process, children develop a communication tool to express their concerns. By sharing their categorised worries with parents, professionals, or teachers, children can receive the support and guidance they need to manage their worries in order of which worries are bothering them the most, taking practical steps to manage their worries.

This resource serves as a valuable anxiety management tool, empowering children to communicate their worries and seek support when needed.