My Safety Circle

My Safety Circle is a valuable resource designed for children aged 6 and above.

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Resource Info

My Safety Circle is a valuable resource designed for children aged 6 and above. It assists children in identifying and visualising their support network by creating concentric circles representing different levels of trust and communication.

This activity promotes a sense of security, resilience, and open discussion about individuals who can provide support and guidance in various situations.


• Building Support Networks: My Safety Circle helps children recognise the people they trust and feel comfortable talking to in different layers of their lives. By identifying individuals within their circle, such as parents, family members, friends, teachers, or community helpers, children develop a support network that can provide emotional support and guidance during challenging times.
• Levels of Trust: The concentric circles in the activity allow children to differentiate the levels of trust they have with different individuals. The innermost circle represents those closest to them, such as parents or guardians, whom they trust the most. As the circles expand outward, children can identify other trusted individuals, such as relatives, friends, neighbours, or professionals, who are available to offer support.
• Open Discussion: My Safety Circle encourages open and meaningful discussions about safety and support systems. Children are prompted to have conversations with trusted adults or caregivers to identify and discuss the individuals they feel comfortable confiding in. This activity creates a safe space for children to express their thoughts and concerns, strengthening their communication skills and building resilience.
• Promoting Resilience: By recognising and mapping out their safety circle, children gain a sense of reassurance and resilience. They develop an understanding that they have a network of trusted individuals available to support them during challenging situations.
• Customisable and Expandable: The activity allows for customisation, as children can write the names of different individuals in each layer of the circle. Children can also add or update their safety circle as they build new relationships and trust with additional individuals.

This activity provides children with a visual representation of their support network, building their sense of security and resilience. It empowers children to navigate challenges by relying on their safety circle, reinforcing the importance of supportive relationships and the need to seek support when they need it.