My Safeship

Who or what helps your child feel safe? Write them in our Safeship!

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Resource Info

Who or what makes your child feel safe? Ask them to write it in their Safeship!

We know that feeling safe is one of the biggest protective factors for children's mental, so we want to help your children create and imagine their very own Safeship. When they are in their Safeship, they can feel safe.

About this resource:

My Safeship is a worksheet designed to help children identify and express the people, places, or things that make them feel safe and supported. The worksheet encourages children to create and imagine their personal "Safeship," a metaphorical safe space where they can find comfort and security.

Key Features:

• Safety and Support: The resource aims to help children feel safe by providing a platform to communicate their needs and identify the factors that contribute to their sense of safety and support.
• Identifying Protective Factors: Children are encouraged to think about and write down the people, places, or items that make them feel safe and supported.
• Communication and Connection: By sharing their Safeship with parents, professionals, or teachers in their lives, children can effectively communicate their needs and feelings, fostering connection and support.
• Imaginative Exploration: The Safeship concept encourages children to use their imagination to visualise a safe and comforting space. This imaginative exploration can provide a sense of empowerment and emotional well-being.
• Space Theme: The resource incorporates a space theme, using the concept of a spaceship as a metaphor for safety and security.


• Emotional Well-being: Helps children identify and communicate what makes them feel safe and supported, promoting emotional well-being and resilience.
• Empowerment and Self-expression: Encourages children to express their feelings and needs, empowering them to seek support and take an active role in their emotional well-being.
• Communication and Connection: Facilitates open conversations between children and adults, fostering a sense of connection, understanding, and support.
• Imaginative: Stimulates imagination and creative thinking, allowing children to explore and visualize their own personal safe space.

This resource can help professionals, teachers, parents and caregivers supporting children with anxiety, who have been through trauma and more.