My Needs

Get children thinking about what they need to feel well and how they can get them met.

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Resource Info

Help children to think about what they need to feel their best selves by filling in this worksheet. Do they have everything they need? If not, how can they ensure their needs are met? This is all about helping children feeling more in control of their mental health.

About this resource:

The My Needs worksheet is designed to help children reflect on their well-being and understand the importance of meeting their needs for optimal mental health. By engaging in this activity, children are encouraged to think about what they need to feel well and how they can ensure those needs are met. The worksheet provides a structured framework for children to identify and explore their individual needs, encouraging a sense of self-awareness and empowerment.

• Reflective Exercise: The worksheet prompts children to think deeply about their own needs, creating an opportunity for self-reflection and introspection.
• The prompts guide children to consider various aspects of their well-being, such as physical, emotional, and social needs.
• Interactive Format: The worksheet is designed to be engaging and interactive, with spaces for children to write or draw their responses.
• Empowerment and Control: By focusing on their needs and discussing strategies to meet them, children gain a sense of control over their own mental health and well-being.
• Trauma-Informed Approach: This resource is beneficial for children who have experienced trauma, as it allows them to identify their specific needs and work towards healing and resilience.


• Self-Awareness: Children develop a deeper understanding of their personal needs, enhancing their self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
• Communication and Discussion: The worksheet encourages open communication and discussion between children and caregivers, teachers, or mental health professionals, promoting a supportive environment.
• Empowerment: By actively participating in identifying their needs and exploring ways to meet them, children feel empowered and capable of taking charge of their own well-being.
• Emotional Regulation: The process of recognising and addressing their needs helps children develop emotional regulation skills, enabling them to manage their emotions effectively.
• Trauma Recovery: For children who have experienced trauma, the worksheet provides a safe space for them to express their needs, supporting their healing journey.

Overall, the My Needs worksheet is a valuable resource for children aged 5-11, assisting them in understanding and addressing their needs for optimal mental health. By promoting self-awareness, communication, and empowerment, this activity encourages children to prioritise their well-being and take proactive steps towards meeting their individual needs.