My Mindful Christmas Advent Calendar 2023

Our Mindful Christmas Advent Calendar is back! Countdown to a calm Christmas with our free DIY printable calendar; featuring 24 fun, festive themed mindful activities to complete with your children each day!

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Resource Info

Mindful Advent Calendar: Countdown to a Calm Christmas

Christmas is an exciting and busy time of year - make sure you take a moment each day to help children feel calm and mindful. Get this DIY advent calendar instantly by becoming a member today!

This calendar features a range of fun festive themed mindful activities and what's more - you don't have to buy or use anything extra! All our activities can be done by using things around your home or classroom, and a little bit of imagination!


  • Festive meditations
  • Christmas themed breathing exercises
  • Powerful grounding techniques
  • Plus more!

Countdown to a calm Christmas with our Mindful Advent Calendar for children. This downloadable and printable resource is not just a countdown; it's a mindful adventure filled with calming, festive surprises. The calendar prints out over two pages, with 24 delightful Christmas-themed mindful activities.

What's included:

Doors Page: This page goes on top of the activities page and includes 24 doors ready to be opened each day in December.

Mindful Activities Page: Beneath the doors lies a treasure trove of 24 mindful activities, carefully curated to infuse the holiday season with tranquility and calm. From 60-second mini-moments of calm to immersive 10-minute activities, each day brings a new, Christmas-themed mindful action.

The calendar is easy to make and can be assembled in different ways to suit your usage:

Option One

• Print the front and back sheets.
• Trim around three sides of the doors.
• Stick together and you have a stylish mindful advent calendar.

Option Two

• Print the front and back sheets.
• Place together and punch two holes at the top.
• Thread some ribbon though the holes and tie to make a hanger. You can lift the sheet up each day to reveal the mindful action!

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce children to a variety of age-appropriate mindful practises.
  • Show children that mindfulness can be fun and form an important part of the day.

Unlock the magic of Christmas calm with our Mindful Advent Calendar for Children. Download and print this resource to infuse your holiday season with mindfulness, perfect for use in schools, home or therapy sessions. Let the countdown begin!