My Emotions Board Game

This printable board game is a wonderfully engaging resource designed for children to learn about and explore their emotions.

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Resource Info

This printable board game is a wonderfully engaging resource designed for children aged 4 and above to learn about and explore their emotions.

With the My Emotions Board Game, children can develop their emotional literacy skills, as well as their sportsmanship!

About this resource:

This is a printable activity that includes a game board, emotion cards, die, and coloured counters for game pawns. Players can easily print and assemble all the components, making it convenient and accessible. For 2-4 players.

What else is included?

• Emotion Cards: The game includes emotion cards that are placed upside down next to the game board. Players pick up these cards when they land on specific squares, providing opportunities to explore and discuss different emotions.
• Colour Key: The game utilises a colour key, where each emotion is associated with a specific colour. This color-coding system adds an additional layer of engagement and allows players to match emotions with an action or question.


• Emotional Learning and Development: My Emotions Board Game facilitates emotional learning and development in children. By encountering different emotions through gameplay, children can expand their emotional vocabulary, develop a deeper understanding of various emotions, and learn to express and manage their own emotions effectively.
• Emotional Literacy: The game promotes emotional literacy by encouraging players to recognise, identify, recall and act out emotions.
• Mindful and Fun: Encourage children to step away from screens and engage in a mindful and enjoyable activity. By focusing on their emotions and reflecting on past experiences, children can build their mindfulness and self-awareness skills while having fun playing the game.
• Grounding and Reflective: Our My Emotions Board Game provides lots of opportunities for grounding and reflection. As players land on different squares and encounter various emotions, they are prompted to recall personal experiences and reflect on how they felt in similar situations.

This printable emotional literacy activity for kids provides a fun and educational experience, promoting their emotional well-being and growth and helping them feel grounded and present.