My Dreamcatcher

Design a dreamcatcher to catch unhelpful thoughts and recite our rhyme in this soothing bedtime, mindful activity.

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Resource Info

Dreamcatcher, guard my sleep tonight, I wish to sleep soundly until it's light.
Dreamcatcher, keep my bad thoughts at bay, take all my worries and nightmares away.
Dreamcatcher, I place you above my bed, to make sure only happy thoughts are in my head.
Dreamcatcher, tonight I want to dream, of all the nice things this world could be.

If your child is having trouble sleeping or experiencing nightmares or night terrors, our Dreamcatcher resource might help.

About this resource:

My Dreamcatcher is a creative and soothing resource designed to help children who may be experiencing trouble sleeping due to bad dreams, anxious thoughts or night terrors. This printable activity allows children to decorate their own dreamcatcher and provides a special rhyme to recite before bedtime, promoting a sense of calmness and peace.

Key Features:

Decorate and Personalise: Children are invited to colour in and decorate their dreamcatcher, making it a unique and personalised creation. This process of personalisation encourages children to take ownership of their dreamcatcher and feel a sense of pride in their creation. It also helps them feel more connected to the dreamcatcher.
Dreamcatcher Rhyme: The resource includes a rhyme specifically created for bedtime and for children to unleash the powers of their dreamcatcher! This rhyme can be recited each night before sleep, helping to calm the mind and set a positive intention for a restful night's sleep.


Mindfulness and Calm: Engaging in the process of decorating the dreamcatcher and reciting the bedtime rhyme promotes mindfulness and a sense of calmness. The activity encourages children to focus on the present moment, creating a peaceful and soothing environment before sleep.

Improved Sleep: By incorporating the dreamcatcher and the bedtime rhyme into their night time routine, children may experience improved sleep. The dreamcatcher serves as a symbolic tool to capture any negative thoughts or dreams, while the bedtime rhyme sets a positive intention for a peaceful and restful sleep.

Addressing Night Terrors: For children experiencing night terrors or anxious thoughts, the dreamcatcher activity can provide a comforting and empowering tool. By actively participating in the creation of their dreamcatcher and reciting the rhyme, children can develop a sense of control over their thoughts and fears, developing a more relaxed sleep environment.

My Dreamcatcher is a valuable resource for any parent or professional seeking to support children in managing their sleep and promoting a sense of calmness before bed. By engaging children in the creative process and incorporating a soothing bedtime ritual, this activity can help children feel more secure, relaxed, and empowered before sleep.